Truelancer other alternative for upwork

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Truelancer other alternative for upwork

Truelancer is an online marketplace connecting clients with freelancer workers all over the globe. Their platform is quick, safe, and you have the flexibility to submit single jobs or build up an ongoing working relationship with a freelancer.
If you want to find someone to carry out some tasks quickly you’ll find them on Truelancer. From IT and programming, to sales, mobile app building, and SEO, they have a huge database of freelancers (500,000 at press time) waiting to pick up your job.

Truelancer headquarters are located in India, with all of the freelancers using the platform being based remotely around the globe. The company has been in operation since September 2014, and is headed up by Dipesh Garg.

You can use Truelancer to either sell you own services, or buy services from a freelancer best suited to handle your tasks.

Truelancer, you can hire someone to work on a certain job that you are outsourcing. Truelancer can be your other option for finding someone with cheaper charge.

There are 3 different options when finding a freelancer or assistant.

First, you can browse freelancers’ pre-defined gigs under the “Buy Services” tab:

Next, they have a contest-based crowdsourcing option for logo design, web design, mobile app design, and more. This service is similar to platforms like DesignCrowd or 99designs.

And finally, you can browse freelancer profiles by skillsets, or post a job and sort through the applicants.

If you’re looking to work with a freelancer or have a task that you feel needs a deep level of understanding then don’t be afraid to open up a dialogue with prospective freelancers.

Truelancer encourages employers to communicate with their freelancers before committing. You can request samples of work, and even give them a small test project to see how well they understand your directions.
Still, I found the site confusing and not super easy to use. It’s filled with language written by non-native English speakers like “People’s trust knowing your physical presence.” What?

If you want to sell your service, you can post your portfolios in Truelancer, posting your portfolios can help you catch a client easily. To start working on Truelancer, there are some feature that you need to pay but it is up to you if you want to avail that feature or not. If you are curious about what I mean then you can check their website here, just create an account on their website.

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