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The Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Galaxy Note has always put powerful technology in the hands of those who demand more. Now, the all new Galaxy Note9 surpasses even these high expectations, focusing on what matters most in today’s always-on, mobile world.

The phone powerful enough to keep up with you.

 Battery : ( 4000 mAh )

Introducing a powerful, all day battery that goes the distance on a single charge — keeping pace with your life.


Store more. Delete less. With the power of 512GB storage built in — expandable up to 512GB more — you’ll have almost a terabyte of space for what matters.

 Optimized for Gaming

Level up your mobile gaming experience. The Galaxy Note9 gives you high performance during game time with a cutting-edge processor that cuts down on lag, a water-carbon cooling system that helps prevent overheating, and an AI-based performance adjuster that ensures your game stays smooth, not sluggish.

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How to earn using gcash

GCash is a BSP-regulated mobile money service that lets you buy load, purchase items, send and receive money, pay bills, and more using Globe, TM, or any other network.It’s like having your wallet inside your phone giving you hassle-free and safer ways to go cashless. That’s GCash! First of all before we proceed on how to earn using GCASH you need to create an account using there APP.

First of all before we proceed on how to earn using GCASH you need to create an account using there APP.

You can download the gcash app in Google Play Store ( click here

Once you already downloaded and installed the app, please follow this instructions.
( Note: be sure to do it seriously )

Please fill up the form correctly and be sure to use an active email address.

      Once you already fill in the data about yourself please be sure          to input the referral code 7CLB68
    Once finished please go to messenger and search               GCASH CARE to verify your gcash account and then just     send a message to GCASH CARE about your gcash     account verification.Once you already sent a message, someone will contact you from GCASH CARE and they will require you to have a video call. The purpose of that video call is to verify your gcash account. 

 Once your gcash account is verified, you can now add your paypal account to your gcash. In that case you can now accept payment thru paypal. Note to add your paypal account to your gcash you need to have  a 100 PHP on your gcash account, but don't worry once you add your paypal account to your gcash paypal will deduct your gcash account balance and on the same time they will refund it instantly.

The steps are simple, right? 
So, the question is , how can you earn thru gcash?

The answer is SIMPLE.
You need to cater any type of business that accepts paypal payment. Remember, you already added your paypal account to your gcash, right? so in that case you can accept paypal payments and transfer it to your gcash account and withdraw your gcash account fund to any ATM.

Now that we know how to earn, I know that you will ask this question in your mind. "What are the businesses or what do you do to earn using paypal?", Am I right?

So if you come up with that questions, meaning you are interested in earning. To tell you honestly, there are many opportunities out their that can generate an income using paypal. I will give a one example that generates income to your paypal, example is Blogging. Now a days many people earn thru blogging, they earn $100 per day sometimes. Sorry to interrupt your reading but the post I am posting now is about Gcash app, if you want to know more about blogging I will give you a link that will tell you on how to start blogging. You can click this link to know the basic principle on blogging. Thank you and God bless us. 

Please follow the instructions or procedure when you register a Gcash Account.


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How to earn in Google Adsense

Before diving into the exact process, here's some terminology for better understanding of Google AdSense.

AdSense: AdSense is when you place Google Ads on your website, and when a visitor from your website clicks on an ads, Google pays you 68% of what the advertiser pays them. It's free to sign up.

CTR: Your ad Click-Through Rate is the number of ad clicks divided by the number of individual ad impressions. Suppose you are showing 3 AdSense ads on every page of your website, 1 page view is equal to 3 ad impressions.

CTR = Clicks / Ad Impressions X 100
Suppose, you get 5 clicks out of 500 ad impressions, your CTR would be 1% (5/500X100).

CPC: Cost Per Click is the revenue you earn each time a visitor clicks on your ad. CPC is determined by the advertisers. In some competitive niches like finance, marketing, online products etc. advertisers may be willing to pay more per click than others.

CPM: CPM means “Cost Per 1000 Impressions.”
Sometimes advertisers opt for CPM ads instead of CPC and set their price for 1000 ad impressions. And they pay each time their ads appear on any website.

What It Takes To Make $100 A Day With AdSense

When your CTR is 1% and your average CPC is $0.25. it’s quite achievable to make $100 dollars a day, and lots of people are doing it. Let's assume that a Page View = An Ad Impression. 

  • To make $100 everyday you need 40,000 Page Views/day Or, 400 Clicks a day @ 1% CTR and $0.25 CPC. For 40,000 Page Views you have to produce 500 awesome articles on your website. These pages must attract at least 80 or more page views everyday. 

    These articles can be as little as 300 words. Always include a YouTuble video on every article page you create. Many people writing a book, can simply write their book on their website and make money simply by writing it. You can also get your visitors to contribute their story ideas. This gets you free content and engages your followers. 
  • Apart from CPC, you will also earn from your CPM ad impressions. Irrespective of any niche, the average CPM earning is $1 to $1.5 per 1,000 impressions. You can make $40 to $60 per day from 40,000 page views.
  • You can also sell your Ad space directly or via BuySellAds.com, and generate $6,000 Per Month on an average from 40,000 page views. Check out how webmasters are making $6,000 to $8,000 Per Month from BuySellAds with forty thousand page views per day. So your daily earning will be $200 (6000/30=200).
  • A niche website with high quality articles works well with affiliate marketing. You can might be able to earn $40 to $80/day from affiliate selling with correct implementation and execution.

Now your total earning per day is $100 + $40 + $200 +$40 = $380 from CPC, CPM, Direct Ad Sell, Affiliate Marketing for 40,000 page views per day. I’ve taken the lowest possible earnings from all the 4 sources.
$380 per day means $11,400 per month (380X30= 11,400) Or, $136,800 per year (11,400X12=136,800). 

When deciding to be in the 'Creating Content Business' your desired earning of $100 per day from Google AdSense is achievable. 1,000s of people are making money by writing articles, and you can do it too, when you are Focused!

P.S. The above results can be possible if you produce at least 200 to 250 great articles or blog posts per year for 2 years. So how much traffic you actually need to make $100 per day from Google AdSense – It’s way less than 40,000 Page Views Per Day!

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How to earn by blogging

There are many ways to earn by Blogging.

In the past, maybe 10 years ago, blogging was an afterthought that some entrepreneurs undertook after establishing successful websites. Fast-forward to 2015, blogging has revolutionized content publication. Due to the growing popularity of blogs, coupled with their potential to generate huge revenues, more and more bloggers are turning their passion for blogging into a full time job. Here are some tips on how to start a blog that makes money.

First - Know the industries Environment

Many Bloggers failed to do this step, because there mind is setup that blogging is easy an you can earn directly, but the truth is that, blogging is not an easy task as it is.  You need to investigate or search further about the community. Blogging covers many category. So in my opinion, the first step in starting a Blog is to know the industries environment that you want to enter with.

Second - Know the popular product / topic

After you study the industries environment the second step would automatically come up. It is natural that it would automatically come up because the second step is the result of your investigation or research that you have done on the first step. Once you've found out the popular product or topic you can proceed to make your statement about the specific product or topic you selected.

Third - Search for Affiliate Program / Advertisement  Website

In third step, these is the step that your blog will generate an income. You need to find a website that offer advertisement scripts or affiliate program. There are tons of advertisement website and affiliate program out their in the internet. You can ask me 
https://web.facebook.com/rgabz03  to know more about blogging.

As of now this are the major three steps to consider before starting a blog. For support, please like the of myonlinestoreph. You will able to see it on the home page of this website. Thank you. Please feel free to chat me for support. Thank you